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Saturday, 30 August 2014

66 Action Kamen Riders Box 3

So 66 Action box 3 is finally here and i'm pretty happy, mainly because it has my fave villain rider of the franchise. Though it seems like Bandai is trying to cash in on Kamen Rider Gaim's popularity while they still can and inserted 2 riders from the series in box 3, not that i mind though, since they're pretty nice. Anyway, let's take a look!

First up, Kamen Rider Gaim Kiwami Arms! Like Kamen Rider Gaim before him, he's inspired by the samurai armor. He comes with 4 extra arms like all previous releases and DJ Gun Taiken mode. Kiwami is suppose to have a cape though, no idea why they didn't include one.

Orange Arms Gaim still look better than Kiwami though. He's probably the weakest entry of this box.

Next up is another kamen rider from the Gaim series, Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin. This time, instead of a shield and sword, he comes with a bow and the standard fare of 4 hands.

Unlike Kiwami, Zangetsu Shin looks better than his standard form.

Fourze! Finally, another rider from a different series!

He has the least accessories though, just the standard 4 extra hand. If they included a rocket arm it would have been fantastic but alas...

Finally, my fave kamen rider this box around, Kamen Rider Eternal from the W series.

I got lucky and picked the secret box which was Eternal with his cape. Though i've seen that the normal box is basically just a capeless Eternal... that's not how you do secret boxes Bandai! Anyway, Eternal here has his little bandolier sculpted on and they are really detailed. I gave mine some paint apps to bring out the details which is just fantastic for something so small.

The cape is pretty great, it can fit almost any rider with a normal head.

For RM15 ( 5 USD ) each, this guys are really great! A perfect way to collect riders without breaking your wallet, really hope Bandai continues this line. I'm hoping for Amazon and more Showa riders next... maybe even a Skull...

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bandai SHF Kamen Rider Amazon

My fave Showa Kamen Rider and probably my fave Kamen Rider ever, Amazon is basically a toku version of Tarzan. Amazon stands out among the others for probably being the most brutal series besides Kamen Rider Shin and also the fact he was the first rider not based on an insect. He's a fish... lizard... thing. Anyway, i finally have my very own super articulated Amazon thanks to Bandai!

Like straight of the TV onto my desk. He looks GREAT and unlike the earlier SHFs, he doesn't look anorexic. Paint are superbly applied, all the lines are clean and the gradient on the yellow chest pieces are superb.

Articulation like all SHFs is superb, with almost every joints you could want. He does have extra points of articulations the others don't have though. Namely the chest pieces which are on ball joints, a mouth hinge and fins hinge. Though he doesn't have the diecast feet of the older SHFs, but those haven't been used in quite a while anyway.

He comes with everything you could want on Amazon with the exception of Jungler, his bike. 5 extra hands, the Gigi and Gaga armlets, a billowing scarf, Condorer (his belt) pieces, grappling hook and Dai Setsudan effect.

Dai Setsudan are 2 pieces that you clip together on a specific hand piece.

I love him simply by just being Kamen Rider Amazon. But even if you have no attachement to the character. Amazon is a superbly made toy that's bound to impress.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Toybiz Marvel Legends Deadpool

Finally! Finally after years of scouring the depths of ebay, stalking collectors and searching high and low, i've finally found it! The infamous Toybiz Marvel Legends Deadpool! I lucked out and got it from a collector who's downsizing his collection. Unfortunately he's loose, so i'm missing some accessories, but for 62 USD, i won't complain much.

At first glance, you'll notice this guy is armed to the teeth. The web gear is all kinds of awesome, a tad thin though so becareful here. With a pair of sword sheaths that's able to hold his katanas as well as his machine guns, a holster by his hips holding his handgun and sculpted grenades and pouches, it runs circles around Hasbro's offering. He also has a pouch by his thighs, leftover from the Daredevil mold Toybiz reused but there's no use for it though... maybe i'll find something in the future to put in it.

The deep red is superb, though the black is not as cleanly applied as i hoped. But it's a 10 year old toy, so i can forgive it. Accessories wise he is loaded! He comes with a pair of machine guns!

A handgun!

A pair of katanas! Though i think they're bit too wide to be katanas

A Slimer thing called Doop! But that's not all! Because i bought him loose, he's missing a pair of sais, unmasked head and a clear stand! That's a lot for a Marvel Legends!

He's not just loaded with accessories, he has 40 articulation points! He has ankle swivels that's so sorely missed in Hasbro's Deadpool. Though i could have go without the articulated fingers, they make holding the weapons a chore and they look kinda awkward.

Compared to Hasbro's Deadpool, he's on a whole different level. But i love both of them anyway.

I'm really impressed Toybiz managed to release such a great toy way back then. I'm so glad i had the chance to finally own him after all these years. He won't be leaving my collection any time soon.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora and Drax

I LOVED THE MOVIE! Great plot, great soundtrack, great action, great design and SUPERB characters! Really hope Hasbro will make a Yondu next. Anyway, while the movie characters were great, how did the Marvel Legends Gamora and Drax fare? They're ok i guess...

Drax is pretty detailed, but like Rocket, his expression just doesn't suit him. Not scowly enough. The tattoos are raised and this make for some pretty elaborate texture.

He's probably the most accurate looking one, it's like owning a tiny green Bautista on my desk. Though Hasbro's decision to release him in his uniform while the rest of his teammates isn't is pretty weird. He comes with 2 of the daggers he sports in the movies and they look good. He has all the articulations of modern Legends .

Before i start on Gamora, i need to make it clear that mine has a major flaw. Her neck isn't all the way in and it gave her an elongated neck and gap below the collar. When i noticed this, it was already too late, and shops here generally don't accept exchanges.

Unlike Drax, she doesn't look quite like Zoe Saldana. She looks almost like a bored green asian woman.

She comes with a sword she can't hold, no matter which hand you try, it's way too small for her to hold properly. Standing also poses a problem for her, since her feet are so tiny, she'll not be able to balance very well.

While Iron Man was the weakest of this line, Gamora comes close. She's bland and lackluster in every aspect.

While i have no regrets bout completing the team, i just wish Hasbro would just do a little better. Maybe after the movie's great success, they wouldn't skimp out on the second wave.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!