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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Amazing Yamaguchi No.001 Deadpool Revoltech

After the Deadpool movie debuted, the titular character has gained popularity and influx of merch. But since Deadpool is a Marvel character, most of the figures have been western releases. So imagine my surprise when Yamaguchi announced that he would release a revoltech of Deadpool! Finally, a super articulated Deadpool capable of crazy ninja poses!
Now don't get me wrong Hasbro's Deadpool is decent, but he can't do most of the poses expected of a ninja character. But how does Revoltech Deadpool stack up? Let's get to it then.

Anyway, Amecomic is Kaiyodo's new line dedicated to western comics.
Deadpool's sculpting is pretty detailed, there's folds and muscle definition while at the same time looking like he jump straight out of the comic pages. Compared to Hasbro's more simplistic sculpt, revoltech Deadpool stands out more.

There's ton belt, buckle and pouches sculpted . Unfortunately the gun holster, knife and katana sheathe are not functional, though give the track record of revoltech's functional sheathes and holsters... i prefer this over the latter.

Deadpool comes with an extra head with a surprise expression.

Both heads can has detachable eye patches so you can mess around with different expressions. There's the heart eyes...

The squinty eyes...

Since the eyes patches can be detached, you can mix and match as well. The's 4 pair of eyes and hands in total.

He also comes with his dual handguns and their nicely sculpted. A little hard to get the trigger finger in so be careful with it.

And of course his dual katanas. On a side note, the sheathed katanas has very very thin pegs so be EXTRA careful with it. I bent mine when i accidentally knock him over.

But of course, articulations is where this Deadpool shines. There's just so much range to the articulations. But like all revoltechs, sculpt is sacrificed for articulation so he might look odd if you don't pose him proper.
Actually this might be the main complaint people have of revoltech's Deadpool, but i don't think it's a problem. Just take a little bit more time to learn to pose him properly.

By the way for those concerned with scale, he stands as tall as Marvel Legends.

He might have some flaws, but in my opinion he's the best 1/12 Deadpool out in the market now. Since Marvel Legends are pretty pricy in Malaysia (35 USD) and Deadpool more so, i didn't mind paying the extra for revoltech Deadpool.
I'm looking forward to more Amecomic releases! Bring on Jim Lee Cyclops!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. First of all i want to say, you take amazing pictures dude, second, tell me if you have to choose between revoltech deadpool or Toy biz deadpool...wich one do you like better?...amazing review! As always :D

    1. Thanks!
      Well, toybiz DP has aged terribly and while revo DP has flaws, i prefer him more overall.