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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Transformers Generations Deluxe Drift

With hype and the excitement for Age of Extinction finally winding down, the general opinions of the AOE toys are finally reached. There are a few gems, namely voyager Hound, Evasion Optimus and deluxe Scorn, some disappointments, Lockdown, the overall quality line is not bad. Unfortunately i find the both deluxe and voyager for Drift utterly lacking. Most of the problems i have with both of the toys are the head, it's that goofy looking, grinning, creepy smile. In the movie, Drift's lips wasn't that pronounced and he had a glare which gave him a really cool look. So, unless Hasbro finally make an AOE Drift with a good headsculpt, Generations Drift is still the Drift for me.

 Drift's vehicle mode is street racing vehicle decked in white with red paintapps and blue windows. Drift was made during the time where Hasbro still paint tire rim, so that's cool. The chinese word on painted on Drift apparently meant General/Samurai or so i'm told.

Now bot mode is where Drift shines. He was designed by IDW with the intention of attracting the anime crowd in mind and it shows. With elements from Japanese mecha like Gundam, Drift features sharp angular crests on the head and big mecha feet. Most interesting feature that i really like is the doors in alt mode transforms into his sword sheathes/waist skirt.

Drift comes with 3 accessories, his Great Sword that's clip able on his back and his cleavers that's stored on his sheathes. Unfortunately, as cool as the Great Sword looks, it's made from realllllllllllly soft rubbery plastic that will bend due time on display.

Anyway i find storing his Great Sword on his back limits his articulations somewhat, so i store it on the side sheathes using the windows to hold it in place. It works pretty well and makes him looks somewhat cooler.

Check out those cleavers! Those are some mean looking choppers.

Articulations on Drift is great especially in his arms. Legs are kinda basic with ball joints hips and knee swivels. But because of how huge his feet are, you won't have problem balancing him. Also, because of how flexible his arms are, his able to 2 hand his Great Sword.

The Great Sword has  Peerless Under Heaven written in Chinese which is... odd... how would cybertronians know chinese proverbs is beyond me...

A really cool toy.  I'm not sure if one could still find generations Drift for sale, but he's a pretty fun toy and looks cool displayed next to the newer transformers. Compared to the new AOE Drifts, i would pick the generations one any day. It's just too bad the black version Drift from the poll didn't win, i would have loved to own one.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Transformers Generations Legends Class Suppressor and Cliffjumper

Like all Bumblebee molds, it was only a matter of time before the Thrilling 30 Legends Bumblebee was repainted into the ever loveable Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper is often depicted as the brash, brave and sometime paranoid Autobot and appeared in most transformers' media. Suppressor on the other hand, was a Decepticon Mini Con in the Universe series, so he's either a new character here or Cliffjumper is right for once that Suppressor is Decepticon spy, even the bio on the back seems to suggest that.

Cliffjumper here is basically just a Bumblebee repaint and Suppressor is a Roller repaint. If you have Bumblebee you know what to expect here, a tiny, compact car that's reminiscent of the  alt modes both Bumblebee and Cliffjumper had in the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron game series. It's pretty cute and the red just makes it pop. Suppressor is Roller with a yellow body instead of blue, it's a pretty nice alt mode and is packed with loads of details.

Even in the robot mode, Cliffjumper is still as cute as ever. With a rounded head and chest, he's like a cross between the game version and G1 version.

Suppressor's robot mode is pretty basic, not much to say here. It's just his altmode standing up.

Cliffjumper's horns are painted silver which does help differentiate him and Bumblebee.

He looks great holding the gun Suppressor came with

Articulation wise, like Bumblebee, he has ball joint and swivel shoulders, ball joints on the arms and hips, and also knee and ankle swivels. But because of the tabs behind his knees, the knees don't have much range. I trimmed mine off and it doesn't effect the transformations much.

Suppressor's third mode, a big double barrel gun, is way too heavy for Cliffjumper to hold right.

And Suppressor's able to combine with his gun.

He's just a repaint of Bumblebee so he's nothing outstanding. But i really love the red he's molded in and he's pretty decent. Get him if you like the character or if you like the Bumblebee mold.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Walmart Exclusive Agent Venom

Venom, probably one of Spider-man's most well known foe and sometimes ally. Like Carnage and Toxin, Venom was a symbiote, though he was the first to ever appear in fiction. Unlike Carnage though, Venom has a number of hosts, he first and most beloved was Eddie Brock, followed his wife, some woman in the army, a mafioso, the Scorpion Mac Gargan, and finally Flash Thompson. So Hasbro finally gave the latest incarnation of Venom his very own Marvel Legends!

Flash Thompson's Venom is probably the most unique of the symbiotes. Unlike past depictions of Venom where he was a hulking monster, Agent Venom here sports protective vests, shoulder armor and military belts equipped with  pouches. This really drives home the military look since Venom was detained by the US Army and underwent Project Rebirth.  The armor is soft rubber which doesn't limit the arms as much with little bumps and spikes making it look like a biological armor.  Also check out the sculpted details on the belt! 1 weird thing though, they sculpted a pistol on his hips... why not just sculpt a holster???

His paint apps are minimal, with only some white lines and the ever present spider symbol that every Venom sports. This leaves little space for paint slop, though as you can see on mine, the lines on the left thigh is misaligned and so is the spider at the back. I've also seen some Venoms with off kilter eyes. So look before you buy.

Venom comes with guns, lots and lots of guns.  There's a handgun with painted on scope, 2 pistols, and 2 machine guns, though i lost one of mine... but oh well, i prefer them black anyway, so i'll just replace them with Hitmonkey's guns. He also comes with his black tendrils...

...and the best thing about that, is it's ability to hold all his guns!!! Just like in the comics!

Articulation wise, he's pretty good, though Hasbro decided to use the old ball hinge hips which are not as good as the newer ML hips. Also, he lack wrist swivels but have forearm swivels. He has ab crunch as well but because of the armor, it's very limited.

He's pretty cool and because i really like his character in his comic, i'm pretty happy to have him in my collection. He's a store exclusive in US but he's 8 in a case which means there's plenty to go around... for Americans. For the rest of the world, we're pretty much stuck paying higher than usual prices. I was lucky, i got mine from a really cool guy from US for retail.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Spider-Girl

I was window shopping one fine day with no intentions of buying anything except some household stuff, until i came upon a stall. Lo and behold, there stands the new Marvel Legends Spider-Girl. Though it was loose, for 15 USD, i can't help myself ( MLs retail for 25 USD here ). So here she is, Spider-Girl, Anya Corazon.

Anya was a teenager who was given spider powers, then she lost it, used hi-tech gadgets for awhile, then gained spider powers again. She faded into obscurity after her own series ended but has recently resurfaced in Avengers Assemble comics. Before i go further, i want to say Spider-Girl has the best female body Hasbro has in the 6" scale currently. I'm pretty impressed Hasbro made an all new body and not just repainting Black Cat and sticking a new head on that. Anyway, Spider-Girl here is a variant for Black Cat.

Compared to the Black Cat and the recent Gamora, she has alot more articulations but most notable of all are the hinged wrists, calf swivels and ankle rockers.

Paintwise, she's just a black body with white paint apps which reminds of how the symbiote Venom look. But i have no complaints here, it's cleanly applied and no slops.

She doesn't come with any accessories of her own except the Goblin BAF piece, which is kinda unfortunate. She would have been great with swappable hands.

She's a tad tinier than most MLs which suits her physique as a teenager.

She's really great! Even if you're not familiar with the character, she looks good standing next to any of the Spider-men. I hope Hasbro would use this mold more, I know the upcoming Mayday ML will be using this mold. Now i just want my Agent Venom to be delivered faster so i can display her next to him.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!