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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Kaiyodo Capsule Q Armored Action Skull "Fight! Dokuroman" Skeleton American Soldier DEVGRU

Kaiyodo's have already released quite a few skeletons, Skeletons from Jason and Argonauts in their Revoltech line, the Gaikotsu and the upcoming Samurai Gaikotsu in their KT Project line.
All of them seemed fairly well received so it made sense for Kaiyodo to release a cheap collectible gashapon line. So here's the newly released Kaiyodo's Capsule Q Armored Action Skull "Fight! Dokuroman" Skeleton American Soldier DEVGRU!! Whew, what a mouthful!

First off, i just wanna mention how hard was to buy these guys. They have pretty much sold out in Japan with  Kaiyodo is planning a re release next month. I was lucky and bought the last set on ebay from a Japanese seller, unfortunately i didn't manage to get the weapon set...
Anyway back story to these are, if i'm not wrong, are american soldiers that refused to die and kept fighting. Hence the military weaponry.

These things are beautiful! As expected of Kaiyodo, each skeleton is sculpted beautifully and painted with washes to emphasize the sculpts even more. They come in pieces so you'll need to build your own skeletons. All the joints are on balljoints except the jaw.
Becareful of forcing them though, the plastic though not brittle are hard plastic and they're pretty thin so be wary of using excessive force. I've already seen stress marks popping up when i built a few.

I've got the full set and the only difference between the skeleton are nomal A doesn't have peg holes on the skull to wear the military helmets while the rest does. There's 2 types of night vision helmets and each has normal or deployed version. So including the yellow variant skelly that makes 6 types of skeletons.

Unlike the skeletons the helmets are made of softer rubbery plastic, so the details are not as sharp and crisp on those.

The yellow variant's wash aren't as dark and it has a peg hole on the skull as well.

Each skeleton comes with a base that plugs into the foot for stability.

Unfortunately, one of my night vision skelly was missing a left fist and comes pack with an extra jaw instead... not sure how common this problem is, but it's something to look out for.

Articulations are pretty good since most of them are on balljoints, though some range are restricted especially the spine.
The articulated head is very expressive thanks to the articulated jaw and the articulated scapula is a nice surprise.

Scale wise, the skeletons are 1/18.

They look pretty good with Marvel Universe line.

These are really cool figures, the problem is just obtaining them are bit difficult. Even the weapon sets are sold out, i'm planning to get those for those gripping hands. If you can find these skeletons without paying too much, i highly recommend them.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. BONER!

    Now that I think of it, SKELETONS have had quite a showing in various price points and sizes these past few years.

    1. Seems like everyone is embracing the spooks, which is a good thing.
      If Kaiyodo continues this line with more add ons and accessories, it'll one of my favourite lines.

  2. Great review for the Dokuroman skeletons. I was searching for additional reviews of them and yours is the only other review (in English) that I'd found so far. You're right- they were ridiculously hard to find in Japan, even 2 weeks after they were released. I had to pay about 2x retail to get them in Akihabara in Tokyo in April of this year.

    The full set must've cost you quite a bit, huh? I saw a few on Amazon that were over $100!

    Loved the way you posed yours.

    I would say that the skeletons are generally awesome, but the part that wasn't engineered very well is the ball joint that connects the lower spine with the upper spine/ribs. That part keeps *constantly* popping apart.

    My review is here:

    The Search for Dokuroman

    1. Yea i read your review before i decided to buy the set, got the set for 60USD on ebay.
      And i agree with you on the lower spine problem so i tend to not fiddle that part often.
      Also, i really want to get the weapon set and with the announcement of the halloween set, i think i'll be quite invested in this line

  3. $60 bucks isn't too bad for a complete set. It's a scalpers game right now.

    The weapons set is nice, but isn't truly a "must get" because compatible rifles are easily obtained from Marauder at http://www.marauderinc.com. I would guess that a set or two of Dokuroman weapons packs could be useful for the alternate skull and hands, but don't knock yourself out hunting for them. Since you already have a team of 6 skeletons, you don't really have to outfit them with actual Dokuroman weapons. Marauder will do very nicely.

    Wait what was that about a Halloween Set? You mean Halloween add-ons for Dokuroman skeletons? What are they, crazy weapons? Or are they add-on non-weapons accessories to make Dokuroman look Halloween-y?

    1. http://dai4.com/item/3367
      just some accessories, more hands, pumpkins, and witch hats

    2. Hmmm, interesting, but I think that Pose Skeleton has the market for accessories in this scale. Pose Skeleton has an upcoming gravestone/ancestral shrine! That really ups the ante for miniature skeleton gravesite items!

      Just my opinion, but Kaiyodo really needs to make more of those skeletons (and fix that spine joint) before they start selling Halloween accessory packs. The accessories are useless without the base skeletons, and we all know how hard it was to get those.

  4. Www.diowarriorsstore.com may have more