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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Bandai Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Model Kit

Star Wars Force Awakens has come and passed. With the hype and excitement is winding down, i find the movie enjoyable even though it was basically modern remake of A New Hope. Anyway, i did previously mentioned from my Black Series FO stormtrooper that i liked the new designs for the troopers but was horribly disappointed with Hasbro's offering. But luckily Hasbro wasn't the only company making FO stormtroopers in the 1/12 scale, thank you Bandai!
Now Bandai made 2 stormtroopers, the pricier but probably the best figuarts one and the cheaper model kit. Since i'm a stingy and poor, i opted to buy the model kit and i am pleasantly surprised!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kaiyodo Movie Revoltech Age of Ultron's Ultron

Now that the hype for Age of Ultron has finally wind down, i can honestly say though the movie has flaws i still enjoyed it but even though i'm fine the depiction of Ultron in the movie, he lacked the intimidating and threatening presence of a movie big bad. And this carried over to the figures as well, Bandai's SHF one is oddly skinny, Hot Toys one is screen accurate which means like in the movie it lacked presence, the Hasbro one.. the less said the better.
But Kaiyodo decided " You know, what? Screw screen accuracy, let's make Ultron intimidating!" and boy, they made one badass looking movie Ultron.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bandai Yokai Watch Model Kit Komashura/Shurakoma

So people online have been saying Yokai Watch is the next big Pokemon or whatever, that if it's big in Japan, surely it'll be just as successful everywhere else. Well, i finished the game and while it's very fun, i can't say it'll topple Pokemon or whatever those clickbait websites are saying. It's just a simple fun game with witty writing.
Anyway the game features some interesting monster designs and the cutest demon depictions ever. So when i saw that Bandai released Yokai Watch model kits, i caved in a bought a couple.