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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Transformers Generations Deluxe Drift

With hype and the excitement for Age of Extinction finally winding down, the general opinions of the AOE toys are finally reached. There are a few gems, namely voyager Hound, Evasion Optimus and deluxe Scorn, some disappointments, Lockdown, the overall quality line is not bad. Unfortunately i find the both deluxe and voyager for Drift utterly lacking. Most of the problems i have with both of the toys are the head, it's that goofy looking, grinning, creepy smile. In the movie, Drift's lips wasn't that pronounced and he had a glare which gave him a really cool look. So, unless Hasbro finally make an AOE Drift with a good headsculpt, Generations Drift is still the Drift for me.

 Drift's vehicle mode is street racing vehicle decked in white with red paintapps and blue windows. Drift was made during the time where Hasbro still paint tire rim, so that's cool. The chinese word on painted on Drift apparently meant General/Samurai or so i'm told.

Now bot mode is where Drift shines. He was designed by IDW with the intention of attracting the anime crowd in mind and it shows. With elements from Japanese mecha like Gundam, Drift features sharp angular crests on the head and big mecha feet. Most interesting feature that i really like is the doors in alt mode transforms into his sword sheathes/waist skirt.

Drift comes with 3 accessories, his Great Sword that's clip able on his back and his cleavers that's stored on his sheathes. Unfortunately, as cool as the Great Sword looks, it's made from realllllllllllly soft rubbery plastic that will bend due time on display.

Anyway i find storing his Great Sword on his back limits his articulations somewhat, so i store it on the side sheathes using the windows to hold it in place. It works pretty well and makes him looks somewhat cooler.

Check out those cleavers! Those are some mean looking choppers.

Articulations on Drift is great especially in his arms. Legs are kinda basic with ball joints hips and knee swivels. But because of how huge his feet are, you won't have problem balancing him. Also, because of how flexible his arms are, his able to 2 hand his Great Sword.

The Great Sword has  Peerless Under Heaven written in Chinese which is... odd... how would cybertronians know chinese proverbs is beyond me...

A really cool toy.  I'm not sure if one could still find generations Drift for sale, but he's a pretty fun toy and looks cool displayed next to the newer transformers. Compared to the new AOE Drifts, i would pick the generations one any day. It's just too bad the black version Drift from the poll didn't win, i would have loved to own one.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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