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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Spider-Girl

I was window shopping one fine day with no intentions of buying anything except some household stuff, until i came upon a stall. Lo and behold, there stands the new Marvel Legends Spider-Girl. Though it was loose, for 15 USD, i can't help myself ( MLs retail for 25 USD here ). So here she is, Spider-Girl, Anya Corazon.

Anya was a teenager who was given spider powers, then she lost it, used hi-tech gadgets for awhile, then gained spider powers again. She faded into obscurity after her own series ended but has recently resurfaced in Avengers Assemble comics. Before i go further, i want to say Spider-Girl has the best female body Hasbro has in the 6" scale currently. I'm pretty impressed Hasbro made an all new body and not just repainting Black Cat and sticking a new head on that. Anyway, Spider-Girl here is a variant for Black Cat.

Compared to the Black Cat and the recent Gamora, she has alot more articulations but most notable of all are the hinged wrists, calf swivels and ankle rockers.

Paintwise, she's just a black body with white paint apps which reminds of how the symbiote Venom look. But i have no complaints here, it's cleanly applied and no slops.

She doesn't come with any accessories of her own except the Goblin BAF piece, which is kinda unfortunate. She would have been great with swappable hands.

She's a tad tinier than most MLs which suits her physique as a teenager.

She's really great! Even if you're not familiar with the character, she looks good standing next to any of the Spider-men. I hope Hasbro would use this mold more, I know the upcoming Mayday ML will be using this mold. Now i just want my Agent Venom to be delivered faster so i can display her next to him.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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