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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hasbro Dark of The Moon Voyager Megatron

While i patiently wait for Skylynx and new legends from Combiner Wars, i've decided to go back to the old transformers line. Specifically the movie line. Love the movie designs or hate them, there's no denying there are some gems here and there. One such gem, is ol Megatron from the third movie line.

Throughout the first and second movie, Megatron didn't bother with an Earth altmode. But since his defeat in the second movie, Megatron, scared and damaged, went into hiding and adopted a Mack tanker truck mode. It looks really good here, tons of molded detail, even molded dirt textures here and there.

In robot mode, Megatron has a tiny noggin which is understandable since they needed to cover him with the hood/tarp. The head is all damaged and detailed, it's fantastic.

The hood/tarp is pretty cool but it's kinda too thick making it abit hard to pose with. His Mechtech weapon is great, it's half of his tanker from his altmode when activated turns into a cannon thingy, supposedly his fusion cannon. And the best part? It's able to lock in place.

His back peghole is spring loaded which is nice.

But of course he'd look better with the shotgun that came with Evasion Optimus. The gun even have pegs that can be pegged on the back.

Articulations on Megatron is pretty good, even has coveted waist swivels which are so rare on transformers. But i find myself missing wrist swivels on him.... those would have help tremendously with posing. Also, the hood/tarp will obstruct articulations pretty badly but he just looks so cool with it.

Pretty underrated, except for how undersized it is, he's a pretty well made transformer.

Anyway. thanks for viewing?

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