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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Neca 12" Godzilla 1954

Neca is knocking it out of the park with the Godzilla releases. Each releases gets better and better until we've finally reached the earliest version of Big G, the 1954 Godzilla!

This is a beautiful sculpt without a doubt. With folds and creases to emulate the real suit, it's like Godzilla 1954 leapt out from the movies onto my desk.

You'll also notice that Godzilla 1954 is actually painted in monochrome black and white just like his appearance in his first film. This is a very nice touch and i love it!

His fins are nicely sculpted, it's abit thicker than Godzilla 1985.

Here's where Neca outdid themselves, articulation wise Godzilla 1954 is the best one so far. His range are pretty good. It's kinda funny how the earliest Godzilla can out pose the later Godzillas.

So basically, GET HIM! I can't recommend him enough! I'm pretty excited to see what Neca has in store for the Godzilla franchise, hopefully there'll be some other daikaiju for Godzilla to fight next.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!