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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Robot Spirits/Damashii Crossbone Gundam X2 Kai (Full Action Version)

As i mentioned before, i'm not much of a Gundam fan and i'm certainly not a plamo fan. But sometimes, a suit's design will grow on me such as the Barbartos and Graze Kai suits and in this instance, the Crossbone X2.
Crossbone X2 is from the manga only series, Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam that's set in the Universal Century. What that means though, i have no idea, i just love the pirate inspired mecha designs. And since i'm pretty amateur in plamo (the Crossbone X2 kit is an exclusive, so NOPE) i've opted to buy the already built and easily available Robot Spirits version.

Crossbone X2 looks very simple at first glance but as you take a closer look, it's pretty detailed. There's alot of small panel linings and little details adorning it.

Especially for the thrusters at the back. All 4 thrusters can swivel at the base and the tips.

Though the sculpt is not as sharp as the one on the model kit, it's still pretty fantastic.

Unfortunately, accessories is pretty barebones for Crossbone X2. There's the open mouth face piece, beam sabers, the buster launcher, 5 extra hands and 2 empty shoulder racks... that's it. Where's the lancer? The cloak? The old figure had those, so why not this version? At least Crossbone X2 Kai is cheaper because of this.

The brand markers on the forearm can swivel to the front of the fist, unfortunately there's no beam shield attachment nor the beam saber attachment.

Crossbone X2 looks badass holding the launcher. It's abit cumbersome to pose it because of the size but damn he looks good.

But i really wish it came with the cloak... No way i'm paying top dollars for an exclusive repaint (Crossbone X1 Kai) just to get the cloak attachment, damn you Bandai.

If you think he looks good with the launcher, he looks even better with the beam sabers. The beam sabers are pretty nicely sculpted, surprisingly.

The open mouth face piece is nicely done, the vents are gold painted so it stands out.

Like most Robot Spirits, Crossbone X2 is very articulated. So there's no complain here, all the articulations have superb range.

Then there's the hidden heat dagger hilts. They're located at the calves but the problem here is there's no dagger attachment... so what's the point here? You'll need to get Crossbone X1 Kai for those.

I bought this guy for 30 bucks, so i felt that he was quite worth it. But there's no denying that compared to other Robot Spirits releases, Crossbone X2 is pretty minimal, barebones if you will. If you can overlook the lack of accessories or if you can find one cheap, i highly recommend getting him.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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