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Sunday, 6 December 2015

figma Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse

Since Max Factory released their Pyramid Head i've been eagerly waiting for their Nurse release. Along with Pyramid Head, the Nurse is from probably the most popular entry of the franchise, Silent Hill 2. What else can evoke the Silent Hill experience but a creepy, shambling zombie nurse in a mini skirt? Here's the Bubble Head Nurse!

First just allow to say, the paintwork on this is amazing. It's not as good as the prototype pics, but it's still pretty great. The subtle purple shading, the veins, the blood splatters... all great! Unlike Pyramid Head who's body sculpt has more grit and details, Nurse is smooth and soft, though there are alot of folds on the clothes.

Nurse comes with 3 heads, the very creepy latex covered one, this head comes with a specific neck as well...

...the ugliest one, the head with mouth...

...and the default mouthless head. All heads have a peg hole on top for the hat.

Like Pyramid Head previously, she comes with 4 pairs of extra hands and 2 weapons for accessories besides the head.

The knife is nicely detailed with serrated blade edges and blood splatters

But the pipe is much cooler. It really looks like a rusted piece of metal.

That butt sculpt! Max factory pulls out all the stops to make the Nurse as creepy and as sexy as possible.

Since she's pretty skinny, the Nurse's articulations are pretty great. The skirt is actually 2 pieces, this enables unhindered range. She's able to pull off all kind of poses.

Zombie Kung Fu Nurse!

The Nurse is pretty cool and completes the Silent Hill monster casts so there's no reason to skip this release. Though i can't help feeling i should have bought an extra figure to display the extra heads...

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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