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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Bandai Yokai Watch Model Kit Komashura/Shurakoma

So people online have been saying Yokai Watch is the next big Pokemon or whatever, that if it's big in Japan, surely it'll be just as successful everywhere else. Well, i finished the game and while it's very fun, i can't say it'll topple Pokemon or whatever those clickbait websites are saying. It's just a simple fun game with witty writing.
Anyway the game features some interesting monster designs and the cutest demon depictions ever. So when i saw that Bandai released Yokai Watch model kits, i caved in a bought a couple.

Komashura is Yokai Watch's depiction of a Shiisaa. There are few Shiisaa in this game, Komasan, Komajiro, but i like Komashura the most for his fiery eyebrows.
Komashura has decent colour separation, but like all model kits, he'll need a little bit of paint to make him look better. Komashura is also actually pearl-ish white though it may not seem like so in the pics.

Komashura comes with some accessories and a base. The base in particular is very cleverly designed.

All the parts can be stored on the base and becomes a fiery base.

Of course like all model kits, there are stickers which i will never use. But i do like that they included optional eyes.

So back to the accessories. First up is the alternate fiery eyebrows, they're basically larger flames for the angry look. By the way, Komashura is only minimally articulated, the head and the arms.

They can also be set lower for the flaming eye look. Pretty ingenious.

Next, is the thick eyebrows.

And then finally, the alternate hands with flaming palms. Without the flames though, the hands have big holes in the middle so they only look good with the flames.

Komashura is a very cute display piece. Even if you're not a Yokai Watch fan, these Yokai Watch model kits are kinda cheap and very easy to build so why not give it a try?

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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