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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kaiyodo Movie Revoltech Age of Ultron's Ultron

Now that the hype for Age of Ultron has finally wind down, i can honestly say though the movie has flaws i still enjoyed it but even though i'm fine the depiction of Ultron in the movie, he lacked the intimidating and threatening presence of a movie big bad. And this carried over to the figures as well, Bandai's SHF one is oddly skinny, Hot Toys one is screen accurate which means like in the movie it lacked presence, the Hasbro one.. the less said the better.
But Kaiyodo decided " You know, what? Screw screen accuracy, let's make Ultron intimidating!" and boy, they made one badass looking movie Ultron.

Right off the bat you'll notice Kaiyodo buffed up Ultron from his screen look. They also sculpted him with a glare unlike the other Ultrons which does alot for his expressions.

 Ultron is casted in metallic silver and is painted with a few different shades of silver. There are a few dashes of red paint for the glowy lights. Pretty cleanly applied and no sloppy finish here.
Ultron only comes with an extra pair of open hands, a small blast effect, a pick for articulating the eye and a stand. The stand by the way, is very very similar too a Tamashii Act stand. I'm not sure what else kaiyodo could have included, but Ultron is very barebones in the accessory department.

Articulation wise, Ultron takes some getting use to but he's great. Kaiyodo tried something new with the shoulders and gave Ultron double jointed Revo joints which means Ultron can actually shrug and reach all the way around his back.  But the joint is abit flimsy so becareful not to ham hand it. His neck is also articulated where you can extend it and like most Revos, he has articulated eyeballs
But hip articulations is where Ultron suffers. He can't move his leg back and forward movement is angled.

 The tiny blast effects has holes in it where you can plug it onto the left open palm.

 Size wise he stands about head taller than standard MLs, Not enough but still passable.

 Overall, i'm pretty happy with this Ultron. Accessories is barebones and the articulations takes some getting use to but he looks great and is very posable. He's also the cheapest movie Ultron(not counting the lego minifig) unless you've bought the entire Antman ML wave. Hopefully Kaiyodo will do some of the Ultron drones or Iron Legion figures cause that'll be fantastic.

Anyway thanks for viewing!

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