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Monday, 27 June 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Swindle

It's been awhile since i've last bought a transformer, the last being the fantastic legends Shockwave. With Titan Returns just around the corner, I've ordered Takara's release since i like the colours more so i won't have any new transformers until the end of July.
But i did get the deluxe i've wanted since his announcement, the ever sleazy armsdealer, Swindle.

I've loved Swindle's character ever since he appeared in the Animated series, i don't remember much bout his G1 incarnation though... probably because he didn't have the charismatic voice of Fred Willard from Animated.
As a member of the Combaticons and a part of Bruticus, Swindle transforms into a military jeep that's a heavy retool of Rook's APC. It's cool but not perfect though, his robot arms are visible and i don't really like the hood of the vehicle.

There's ALOT molded details, there's panels, rivets and even pouches. It's just too bad the paint is lacking...

He's way beefy in arm mode, maybe a little too beefy compared to the other limbs that's not the Rook remold. He holds together well, and is pretty solid.

Feet mode, like arm mode, is also pretty chunky. I prefer it more to the arm mode though.

But i love the bot mode! Just look at this handsome figure, Swindle is ripped! While the proportions look good, Swindle is not known for being intimidating though. So i understand why some people aren't as fond of this figure as i am.
Paintwork like his alt mode, is lacking. There's purple and teal on the head and torso with dabs of dark silver for his feet and backpack. That's it.

It's just too bad he doesn't have the smirking grin the Animated figure have though. It would have made the figure great if he does.

Articulations is pretty good, he even have ankle rockers. He only lacks wrist swivel.

His only accessories are a minigun and the combiner hand foot gun.

His minigun is able to plug onto his shoulders like Hound does but it's really hard to do so... atleast on mine anyways.

All in all he may not be perfect, but i really like Swindle. He hits all the right notes for me, he just needs a smirking grin to be perfect .

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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  1. Man, i'd give him a nice light or medium brown wash to bring them details out.