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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Neca Heroes of Storm Arthas

YES!!! Finally, ARTHAS MENETHIL, THE LICH KING! After waiting for so long, i finally have him in my hands!
So here's Neca's Heroes of Storm Arthas!

Like with most Neca's sculpt, Arthas is a sight to behold. All the armor pieces are intricately detailed and paint beautifully applied.
Most of Arthas is made of hard plastic, with the exception of his head, shoulder pauldrons and gauntlets which are soft rubbery plastic. I appreciate this since he's pretty spiky and the soft parts means parts wont snap off or break that easily.

His cape and loin cloth are made of cloth. Though i don't like clothes on figures much, atleast they won't impede the articulations.

Like Illidian, his only accessory is his weapon, the Frostmourne. While not as hefty as the twinblades, it's more detailed and has better paintwork. The hilt comes apart from the blade so you can plug it into Arthas' fist.

Articulations is pretty good overall. The head is soft rubber so nothing interrupts the range of movement, torso and hip joints have plenty of range while the knees and ankles can achieve most poses. It's the arms that's disappointing, especially the elbows since they can't bend more than 45°. Arthas could have benefited alot from double hinged elbow joints.

Arthas is a damn good looking figure. It really blows me away that Neca is able to push out figure of this quality while keeping the price relatively low compared to big toy companies out there.
I love this line and hope Neca would keep making more characters, seriously, make an Anubarak Neca!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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