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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Takara Transformers Legends Hardhead

So after the great but flawed Skull, how does his wavemate Hardhead stack up? Pretty solidly i would say.

Unlike Skull/Skullsmasher/Skullcruncher, i have no attachment to Hardhead. He's some kind of autobot military hardass and it's apparent from the toy. The alt mode is some futuristic tank that looks pretty cool with tons of sculpted details.
 Colour wise, he's like Skull where he's mainly molded in coloured plastic with some silver paint for the tank treads.

That cannon is huge, HUGE! It's the same length with the tank mode!

His headmaster  Furos, can sit snuggly in the cockpit.

And check this out, even the cannon has a cockpit for headmasters to sit in! Not just that, the cannon is actually very articulated since it's on a platform.

His headmaster Furos is cleanly sculpted and painted like Grax, Skull's headmaster is. Same articulations too.

Hardhead's targetmaster is Tankette, a tiny quad-barrelled tank. There's not much to say here, it's a tiny tank with articulated cannons.

Furos can slip into it

Tankette transformes into some kind of flying vehicle, it's neat but not as neat as Grax/Batora's dino mode.

Now Hardhead's bot mode, it's a beefy bot! Hardhead looks great here, i especially like the big wide chest and tank tread arms and legs. There's alittle more paint apps here with some dabs of silver and red on the crotch piece.

Unlike Hasbro's Hardhead, Takara's one has a face instead of a face plate. It's very nicely sculpted and the paint really pops. I actually prefer this head over the Hasbro one this time but taste is subjective, both heads are fine.

Unfortunately his cockpit backpack is pretty huge and it looks jarring. Otherwise he has no complaints here, no balance issues like Skull has.

Articulations is on par with Skull with the exception of torso swivel. He doesn't have forearm swivels but he does have wrist swivels. And like his alt mode, the cannon is articulated so you can point it whichever angle you like.

He comes with a machine gun that's molded in the same green as he is.

Oh by the way, his cannon is detachable.

Tankette's weapon mode is... well, it's just the plane mode. It's even worse than Batora's awkward gun mode.

It would have been great if i could make it to a buckler for Hardhead but there's no way for him to hold it.

Lacking any flaws like Skull while looking pretty awesome, Hardhead is a solid transformer. I recommend getting him if you're a fan or just someone looking for a cool figure to have. If both Skull and Hardhead are any indication of the quality of the new headmasters, i can't wait for to see what they're offering next!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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