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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Takara Transformers Legends Blurr

Titan Returns continue to awe me with their deluxes! I've just bought myself a Takara Legends Blurr and he's great!

Blurr's alt mode is pretty faithful  to old G1 alt mode, it's some sort of cybertronian car that looks very sleek and aerodynamic.
I like the colour scheme here, the light blue plastic accentuates the dark blue paint nicely.

 Besides the sides, the gun can be attached to the front of the vehicle as well.

Like Hardhead, Blurr has a cockpit with an opening windshield.

Blurr's headmaster, Hyperfire is pretty well painted for something so small. And like the previous headmasters, it's well sculpted.

Now to the main article, Blurr's bot mode is a handsome blue bot. It's a great modern interpretation of the classic look with a slim silhouette and angular edges. There's ton of details and the paintapps are great.
Compared to Hasbro's more monotonous darker shade of metallic blue, Takara's colour looks alot better here.

There's no new sculpt for the head this time, it's the same head for both version. It's a great head, but i would have preferred the extandable antennae be alittle tighter.

The hood of the car becomes his backpack, or if you prefer...

...you can detach it and let him hold it as a...

...shield/buckler on his forearm. Unlike the previous release though, Blurr doesn't have a targetmaster partner so his only accessory is a grey blaster.

Compared to all the deluxe Blurrs that i have, i would rank him above Generations but slightly below Animated. Animated Blurr is still one of my fave deluxes.

Articulations on Blurr is great as expected of the new headmasters. You can do all sort of running poses and he even has a waist swivel!
His legs also provide plenty of support so balance is no issue here.

Since Blurr is one of my favourite Autobots, i'm pretty happy to have this figure. I think i like him a tiny bit more than Hardhead., great figure overall!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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