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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Star Wars Black Series 6" Kanan Jarrus

I stumbled upon a listing for Kanan Jarrus and though i was hesitant, i bought it. And i don't regret it one bit!
He's probably my fave Black Series figure so far! So let's jump straight to pics!

 I don't really watch Star Wars Rebel so i have no attachment to the character but i really like the design on Kanan. Let me just say the sculpt on Kanan is pretty fantastic. The head is fantastically sculpted and a little weathering makes a world of difference, there's a hint of a smirk as well.
The fabric have textures, fold and wrinkles which are intricately sculpted on. I really like the armor on him, it makes Kanan looks unique.

Paint apps are pretty good, i'm surprised the hair has drybrushed highlights on them.

He comes with his blaster which has silver drybrushing.

Then there's his lightsaber components which separates into 2 parts. Both of which can be plugged into his belt, the hilt on the back and the guard on the front. They stay on the belt well enough, but i'm wary of losing the lightsaber guard. The components are well painted.
Anyway according to the series, he separates his lightsaber to hide the fact that he's the last of the Jedi.

The lightsaber plugs securely and is made of hard plastic while the hilt is a softer gummy plastic.

Articulations is standard Hasbro stuff though Kanan lacks double elbow joints. His shoulder pauldrons limits his right shoulder a little.

But he can double hand his lightsaber.

I'm pleasantly surprised with Kanan. He's a very solid figure and looks great standing next to other Star War characters. I'm looking forward to getting his green lover, Hera Syndulla next.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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