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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Iron Factory EX05 Genesic City Commander (not-Diaclone Ultra Magnus)

First off let me start with a big " HAPPY NEW YEAR" to everyone. It's been awhile since i've updated, i've been pretty busy with year end work load and the new house so i've not updated in awhile.

 Anyway, i've finally delved into the third party transformers with my first ever third party figure, Iron Factory's City Commander aka not-Diaclone Ultra Magnus! I know i'm a few years late with this toy but better late than never.

City Commander's alt mode is some kind of semi trailer truck that's reminiscent of G1. It's instantly recognisable. By the way, the colours are really nice, really pops out.

The back of the truck is obviously City Commander's legs. 
I'm not sure if it's just mine but everything is tight and doesn't peg in as well as i hope.  Not without applying force way more than i'm comfortable with.

Bot mode is FANTASTIC! He's big and bulky, like how Ultra Magnus should be.  All the details are sharp and crisp for such a small toy.

City Commander has backpack kibble but because of how solid and tight the joints are, it doesn't feel fiddly.

The amount of accessories Iron Factory gave City Commander is nuts! He comes with his signature hammer and a standard pistol of course. Both molded in black with some silver paint.

Then there's the Combining Cannons. There's a pair of shields and rifles, 2 pairs of shotguns and rocket launchers. All of them are modular and can combine with each other to form the combining cannons.

Or you can just go nuts and load City Commander with everything!

Articulations blow most modern deluxes out of the water. With ball jointed head, waist swivel, ball jointed ankles, City Commander poses pretty well for a big guy.

Iron Factory have now spoilt me with this figure, i'm not sure if i can go back to Hasbro/Takara's legend sized figures again. It's so good that i've already preordered Tengu (not-Sixshot) and Bridge Watcher (not-Shockwave) and is contemplating if i should cough up the money for the Norimune (not-Drift) set. What rabbit hole have i fallen into???

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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