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Monday, 6 March 2017

Wei Jiang Robot Force Hound 2.0

I'm don't buy knockoffs normally unless it's something that trumps the official product. While i liked Hasbro's voyager Hound, it's not really screen accurate and the rubber head is kinda bad.
Then along came Wei Jiang, a chinese KO company that instead of releasing subpar KOs, they take the extra mile to improve on the original instead! They'll take already good figures, enlarge them, give them paint apps and sometimes sculpt new pieces for them for insanely cheap prices.
I love John Goodman Hound in Age of Extinction and i just can't resist buying this AWESOME looking toy!

Hound here is actually sculpted by an artist called Black Apple that does customs in hopes of a company such as Wei Jiang will buy his molds. He made an oversized voyager DOTM Megatron that looks fantastic.  Anyway, Hound is crazy sculpted. Instead of soft rubber head, Hound's head here is hard plastic so the details are sharp and crisp. Check out the dogtags too!

The bullet cigar is removable which is very nice touch.

Even the helmet is removable!

Black Apple actually fixes the problems with the boxing glove truck parts the official voyager had and incorporated a new way for them to go to the back of the figure. The forearms are resculpted to have less of a curve to them too. But my favourite part of course is the pot belly! I think it's a third party design that Black Apple somehow managed to incorporate into the figure without part forming it. Also check out those paint apps!

He retained all of the voyager's articulations and even have new additions. The hands have wrist swivels and finger articulations now.

He also retains most of the accessories the voyager had and even had extra paint apps to them.

The knife is resculpted to actually look like the knife he used in the movie.

Hound actually comes with new accessories too. The biggest addition is of course the double barrelled shotgun, it's a nicely sculpted weapon with a retractable stock.

Now as much as i love the figure, i probably won't transform it, even for pictures. It's very complicated with alot of small parts and makes me nervous to do it. Some joints are way too tight and this just makes transforming Hound a harrowing experience. So i'm sorry, no pics of the alt mode.
But is this figure worth it? YES! Especially if you like the character like i do.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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