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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Vulcanlog 019 Monster Hunter Revoltech Male Swordsman Glavenus Series

I'm a big big fan of Monster Hunter, i've play every generation of the series so far.
One of my favourite monster from the newest entry is the Glavenus and while i would have preferred to have a toy of the monster itself, the armour set is probably the next best thing.  So thank the toy gods for Vulcanlog that i'm able to buy a figure of one of the coolest looking armour in the game, the Glavenus armour set!

Vulcanlog doesn't disappoint with the sculpt here., everything looking sharp and crisp. There's tons of details and they've managed to hide the joints pretty well. Paint work is pretty impressive as well, with the blending red and blue shades and even weathering on the darker parts.
Visually Glavenus hunter is pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, Glavenus hunter lacks the accessory count the previous hunters had. He just comes with a greatsword and a knife. Both of which the hunter can carry in person.
Problem with the knife though, it keeps popping off.

The knife is cool and all but the greatsword is where it's at. This thing looks crazy!

Like with all Kaiyodo's revoltechs, Glavenus hunter has some pretty impressive articulations. The skirt pieces may not look like it, but it hides tons of joints so posing is no problem.
The only things lacking are the elbows since the gauntlets are too bulky, the range here isn't as good.

The Glavenus hunter looks great and while lacking the accessories of his brethren, holds more solidly than the Zinogre hunter that i have. While the price point may turn some off, Glavenus hunter is just a cool figure to have even if you're not a Monster Hunter fan. He works as some sort of dark knight for a fantasy display and is pretty posable to boot!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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