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Sunday, 23 April 2017

66 Action Rockman/Megaman

After being on hiatus for so long, 66 Action is finally back! And this time, they bring us something unexpected, a line of tiny Megamen!

These came out of no where since Capcom haven't release a new Megaman game in ages, but i'm not complaining. I LOVE them!
First up, Megaman in all his classic glory.

Megaman is great, he's decently painted and even have a matte finish.

66 Action always include extra hands and accessories for their figures and Megaman is no exception. He comes with an opened palm hand and an e-tank.

The articulations are pretty good. Bandai seem to have learned from their older releases and improved on the articulations. I especially like the ball jointed feet.

Next up is my fave of the set, Megaman DASH/Volnutt! He probably looks the best among the Megamen because of how well his designs lend to the joints.
I've been waiting for a proper Volnutt figure for so long and he doesn't disappoint.

Unfortunately his knees doesn't have much range to them, Otherwise he's great.

I'm so glad they mild his backpack in orange plastic so i wouldn't have to paint them myself.

He comes with a transparent sad face servbot and open palm.

Megaman EXE is up next. Because he has the most paint app of the set, this just means there's more chance for sloppy paint apps.

Megaman EXE comes with a Sword arm and open palms.

While he's the skinniest of the bunch, his range of articulations are the weakest which is weird... Elbows and knees can barely pose past 45°.

Lastly, it's X! Megaman X is probably my least favourite of the set mainly because of QC problems.
His arms constantly pops off.

And his elbow joint is chewed up... So i'm pretty disappointed in mine, but yours might not have these problems.

He also has the lamest accessory of them all which is just a dash effect.

So 66 action will sometimes include secret variant figures in their releases and this time, it's Red Megaman!

He's basically classic Megaman painted red and white. And he also comes with transparent Rush, but besides that it's the same figure.

Like the previous 66 Action releases, these are cheap fun desktop figures and i love them. I was so worried that Bandai might have canned the line after so long but luckily they're still making more tiny figures. I hope they'll keep making more different IP figures.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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