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Thursday, 6 April 2017

TOPOP Beast Box D10 and Ghost Dog

Ever had a new line that seems kinda interesting that you thought you might give it a chance only to fall totally in love with it? TOPOP Beast Box by 52Toys is that new line for me. Here's Beast Box cube robot dinos!

 Beast Box are robot animals that turns into cubes, what else can i say bout the alt mode? Lots of paint apps and plastic separation though.

Now we're talking! D10 turns into a yellow raptor dino that kinda reminds me of construction heavy vehicles. It's so CUTE! Look at those eyes!
Plastic quality is pretty good but be careful of the tiny hands, it's where the plastic is the thinnest.

While D10 is cute, Ghost Dog on the other hand is pretty cool. Without the eyes, Ghost Dog looks like something straight out of a Megaman game.

I can't read Chinese but someone did some translation that Ghost Dog is failed D10s that lacked sentience. Don't quote me on that though...

Articulations are pretty surprising. The arms and legs have basic swivels but the head have the most range. They are so expressive thanks to them.

The scale for these dinos are pretty small, they're probably around smallish Legends sized Transformers.

The more i mess with them, the more i like them. They make great desktop toys and are pretty affordable, provided if you can find websites that sell them for retail. I'm looking forward to what 52Toys will release next, they've teased a triceratops, mammoth and gorilla cube.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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