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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Transformer The Last Knight Scorn Voyager

It's been a good long while since i've last bought an official transformer. It's not because the new toys are bad, i've just been too busy with life and budget's been tight.
But now that i've finally settled in the new place, i can start building my collection again. And what better way to start with the new voyager from the latest movie, Scorn from The Last Knight!

That's 1 spiky dino! Scorn like his old deluxe counterpart is a spinosaurus but with 3 sails instead of 1. He's a big hefty dino and doesn't look too bad, but i kinda prefer the old deluxe alt mode compared to the voyager one. He has the obvious robot hand thing going on underneath the stomach.

Now, the bot mode is a different beast! Scorn is FANTASTIC here! He sports a bulkier build compared to his deluxe and features tonnes more details.

Unlike his deluxe who had dino head for his hand, voyager Scorn's dino head store neatly behind his back. So Scorn here has a fully functional right arm and it's great.

As a voyager, he stands a head higher than the movie deluxe dinobots.

Now articulations, it's superb! With the exception of waist swivel, he has everything i want including arm swivel, wrist swivel, ankle tilts and even his tail arm has 2 hinges to allow whipping poses!

Because he has articulated hands, he's able to hold different kinds weapons.

What a great figure to start off my collection again! I'm totally enamoured with this toy! To think Hasbro would improve so much on the movie figures since Age of Extinction. Now i'm itching to get Megatron and Nitro Zeus... Hopefully, there's be more improved movie dinobots in the works, i would totally buy them all.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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