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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Takara Transformers Legend Kickback and Doubledealer

Oh god... 2 years! 2 YEARS to finally have the trio of modern, in-scale Insecticons!
Unfortunately, I couldn't find Hasbro's Kickback so i had to resort to buying the Takara one. And it was worth it!

Kickback turns into a robotic grasshopper and it's exactly how you would expect a robot bug to look like. It's a pretty good looking mode with some articulations on the wings and backlegs.

And since it's a Takara release, Kickback comes packed with a Doubledealer headmaster.
Also because Kickback is in a different line from his Insecticon buddies, he has a Titan Returns gimmick where his back opens and reveal a cockpit.

Doubledealer can ride on his trusty bug steed snuggly.

Now i maybe a bit biased since Kickback is my favorite Insecticon, but i think he's the best looking one out of the 3 legends. Kickback looks the closest to his original iteration and has the least kibbles, it's a fantastic looking legends figure.

The head is made of soft PVC plastic which i personally hate, but i understand it's probably to avoid breaking the ear antennas.

The grasshopper back legs tucks neatly into his bot feet which i find pretty ingenious.

Because of the transformation, Kickback has the most head articulation of the Insecticons trio. Otherwise, the rest of his articulations are the same as his teammates.

So glad to finally have the team completed! Though having all 3 of them have different shades of yellow and purple irks me alittle, i can live with it.

 Kickback is great! Even if you didn't collect any of the Insecticons, Kickback is a solid, fun little transformer because of good he is in both modes. 

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

And of course, can't forget about Doubledealer here!

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