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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Hasbro Power of the Primes Swoop

I love me some Dinobots, and I'm guessing most collectors share the same sentiment. So when they announced the new updated OG Dinobots, it seems like a no-brainer purchase. But i'm iffy on the new gimmicks so to test the waters, i've opted to buy Swoop only for now.

 Swoop's pterandon mode is straight out of the cartoons! It's almost a exact look to the G1 toy!

Colours are not as advertised though, he's suppose to have red torso instead of blue but i kinda like the blue more.

Dino mode even have some articulations on it, namely the head, wings and feet. Swoop can do a perching pose.

I really like the bot mode, he's a thin, lanky bot that looks like his original iteration while still looks modern. Also i wanna just mention i miss tampograph so much, even though it's really minor on Swoop. Kudos for Hasbro not going the horrible sticker route the voyagers have.


This is a fantastic looking headsculpt, i love the distinct Swoop head fin!
I do have a complain though, why does Hasbro keep insisting on using clear plastic for heads when there's no light piping? Wouldn't it be better to just mold the head using coloured plastic instead of clear plastic and then painting them? I'm bitching because the red paint are already chipping off on some parts and i had to use gundam marker to cover them.

 Of course being part of the new line, Swoop is able to combine with Grimlock as Volcanicus' limb. Now i don't mind that the fact Dinobots are able to combine, but the execution is sloppy at best and looks like a step back compared to Combiner Wars.

Swoop has all the articulation you'de expect, with the exception of wrist swivels.  

I will probably never buy the horrible Power of Primes Grimlock so FOC Grimlock will be my stand in for now.

By the way, Swoop only came with 2 accessories, a small sword and a HFG (hand/foot/gun). The small sword is nothing but the HFG is new. It's a bit different from Combiner Wars HFG that it can only serve as hands. It also has 2 thumbs, no idea why. Anyway, promotional material depicts that it can serve as armor as well... which is just silly.
So i'll just stick it on random transformers instead since i probably won't be buying Volcanicus anytime soon.

All in all, Swoop may not be anything outstanding but he's a solid update to the G1 toy. I might just buy the rest of the deluxe to complete the Dinobots team, just wish the combiner aspects was implemented better...

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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