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Friday, 13 April 2018

Boss Fight Vitruvian HACKS Series! Spooks and Orcs!

I haven't been so hyped for 1/18 figures in a long LONG time. I finally caved in and bought Boss Fight's fantasy figures and boy, am i happy! Fantasy have always been my favourite genre and to have them in 1/18 scale figures? YES PLEASE!

Let's get my least favourite out of the way, Blasted Lands orc aka red orc. I say least fave, but he's still a really good figure.

Look at this mean mugging guy! He comes with bearded and clean shaven heads, 3 helmets,  hammer/mace, crude blade, wooden shield and an extra pair of hands.

His skin is way too brown i feel, it differs way too much from female red orc that it's pretty jarring to display them together.

Next up is Blasted Lands Female orc and she's a beaut. Look at the sculpts on the shoulder pauldron.

She comes with mask and unmasked heads, wooden shield, wood club, crude dagger, crude blade and  an extra pair of hands.

What could be cooler than a dark knight? A SKELETON DARK KNIGHT! Asperity knight is so cool looking, i can't help but be enamoured.

He comes with a skull head, human head, 2 helmets, a sword/sheathe, an axe and a large shield.

And lastly my favourite! The Vehemous Priest is the reason i looked into this line.

He has skull helmet, human head, a helmet, sword/sheathe, 2 handed mace, a spike flail, dagger/sheathe and a closed book.

Hey, look! It's Malcom Mcdowell!

Oh man i love this figures! This is bad since they're on the pricy side and i already need more! I'm already eyeing their lamias and elves...

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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