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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Hasbro Studio Series Deluxe Lockdown

After my bad impression of AoE Lockdown, it only took them what, 4 years? to finally release another movie Lockdown. Unfortunately it's still a deluxe but fortunately it's miles better than the last one. So here's the gunfaced, hook toting, Lambobot mercenary, Lockdown.

The alt mode is an improvement over the last one. Looks pretty accurate and there's no major flaw i see except maybe some paint slops.

Now the bot mode is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade compared to the last Lockdown. I mean, just look at it!
The sculpt is superbly done and it's more screen accurate this time around. He looks buff instead of spindly like piece of crap Aoe Lockdown.

Face sculpt looks properly skeletal and ugly. The details are pretty crisp and sharp.

Unfortunately the car parts are shellformer and form a backpack. It's something that can't be avoided at this class, i feel that if Lockdown were a voyager this wouldn't be a problem.

Unlike the last Lockdown, he doesn't come with his gunface but comes with a hook...

...and his knife hands. The knife can be tabbed in his forearm or wielded like a normal knife.

Articulation is standard. It's servicable but nothing outstanding.

He's the best movie Lockdown ( not including the third party stuff ) and he's a pretty solid transformer on his own, If you're a transformer movie fan in general, he's a solid addition to your collection.

Amyway, thanks for viewing!

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