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Monday, 11 August 2014

Toybiz Marvel Legends Deadpool

Finally! Finally after years of scouring the depths of ebay, stalking collectors and searching high and low, i've finally found it! The infamous Toybiz Marvel Legends Deadpool! I lucked out and got it from a collector who's downsizing his collection. Unfortunately he's loose, so i'm missing some accessories, but for 62 USD, i won't complain much.

At first glance, you'll notice this guy is armed to the teeth. The web gear is all kinds of awesome, a tad thin though so becareful here. With a pair of sword sheaths that's able to hold his katanas as well as his machine guns, a holster by his hips holding his handgun and sculpted grenades and pouches, it runs circles around Hasbro's offering. He also has a pouch by his thighs, leftover from the Daredevil mold Toybiz reused but there's no use for it though... maybe i'll find something in the future to put in it.

The deep red is superb, though the black is not as cleanly applied as i hoped. But it's a 10 year old toy, so i can forgive it. Accessories wise he is loaded! He comes with a pair of machine guns!

A handgun!

A pair of katanas! Though i think they're bit too wide to be katanas

A Slimer thing called Doop! But that's not all! Because i bought him loose, he's missing a pair of sais, unmasked head and a clear stand! That's a lot for a Marvel Legends!

He's not just loaded with accessories, he has 40 articulation points! He has ankle swivels that's so sorely missed in Hasbro's Deadpool. Though i could have go without the articulated fingers, they make holding the weapons a chore and they look kinda awkward.

Compared to Hasbro's Deadpool, he's on a whole different level. But i love both of them anyway.

I'm really impressed Toybiz managed to release such a great toy way back then. I'm so glad i had the chance to finally own him after all these years. He won't be leaving my collection any time soon.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. Just so cool! TOY BIZ really had these figures down.

  2. i was really lucky to find one for an affordable price

    1. I imagine these are going for crazy prices these days.