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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora and Drax

I LOVED THE MOVIE! Great plot, great soundtrack, great action, great design and SUPERB characters! Really hope Hasbro will make a Yondu next. Anyway, while the movie characters were great, how did the Marvel Legends Gamora and Drax fare? They're ok i guess...

Drax is pretty detailed, but like Rocket, his expression just doesn't suit him. Not scowly enough. The tattoos are raised and this make for some pretty elaborate texture.

He's probably the most accurate looking one, it's like owning a tiny green Bautista on my desk. Though Hasbro's decision to release him in his uniform while the rest of his teammates isn't is pretty weird. He comes with 2 of the daggers he sports in the movies and they look good. He has all the articulations of modern Legends .

Before i start on Gamora, i need to make it clear that mine has a major flaw. Her neck isn't all the way in and it gave her an elongated neck and gap below the collar. When i noticed this, it was already too late, and shops here generally don't accept exchanges.

Unlike Drax, she doesn't look quite like Zoe Saldana. She looks almost like a bored green asian woman.

She comes with a sword she can't hold, no matter which hand you try, it's way too small for her to hold properly. Standing also poses a problem for her, since her feet are so tiny, she'll not be able to balance very well.

While Iron Man was the weakest of this line, Gamora comes close. She's bland and lackluster in every aspect.

While i have no regrets bout completing the team, i just wish Hasbro would just do a little better. Maybe after the movie's great success, they wouldn't skimp out on the second wave.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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