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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bandai SHF Kamen Rider Amazon

My fave Showa Kamen Rider and probably my fave Kamen Rider ever, Amazon is basically a toku version of Tarzan. Amazon stands out among the others for probably being the most brutal series besides Kamen Rider Shin and also the fact he was the first rider not based on an insect. He's a fish... lizard... thing. Anyway, i finally have my very own super articulated Amazon thanks to Bandai!

Like straight of the TV onto my desk. He looks GREAT and unlike the earlier SHFs, he doesn't look anorexic. Paint are superbly applied, all the lines are clean and the gradient on the yellow chest pieces are superb.

Articulation like all SHFs is superb, with almost every joints you could want. He does have extra points of articulations the others don't have though. Namely the chest pieces which are on ball joints, a mouth hinge and fins hinge. Though he doesn't have the diecast feet of the older SHFs, but those haven't been used in quite a while anyway.

He comes with everything you could want on Amazon with the exception of Jungler, his bike. 5 extra hands, the Gigi and Gaga armlets, a billowing scarf, Condorer (his belt) pieces, grappling hook and Dai Setsudan effect.

Dai Setsudan are 2 pieces that you clip together on a specific hand piece.

I love him simply by just being Kamen Rider Amazon. But even if you have no attachement to the character. Amazon is a superbly made toy that's bound to impress.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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