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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sci Fi Revoltech Anguirus

Anguirus was the first kaiju that ever fought the big G himself making him Toho's second kaiju. Unfortunately, he was killed in the encounter in Godzilla Raids Again. But Toho reintroduced him again in the later film series and since then Anguirus has become one of the fan fave and Godzilla's trusted ally. It's surprising that Bandai has yet to release a depiction of Anguirus in their Monsterarts line, but fortunately Kaiyodo gave us a magnificent figure that is the Showa Anguirus!

This depiction of Anguirus is from Destroy All Monsters film which is my fave appearance of him. Kaiyodo really gave it their all making Anguirus, he looks magnificent. His horns and fangs are harder plastic while his carapace and spikes are made from rubbery plastic, which i appreciate, i won't have to bleed everytime i pose him.

He's really articulated which is to be expected of Kaiyodo's revoltech line.

His tail is rubber with a wire core which gives it some posability.

His accessories is just the ship featured in the movie called Moonlight SY-3 and it's launch effects. 

Not much to say bout this, but the details are nice.

He scales perfectly with the new Neca Godzilla.

He's such a great looking figure and is everything i could hope for Anguirus. Unfortunately, he's released pretty long ago and will probably fetch a hefty sum in the current market.But if you're lucky, like i was, you might find him still lurking around in hobby stores tucked behind the newer releases.

Anyway thanks for viewing!

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