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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Bandai SHF Kamen Rider Bravo

I finally gave the new Kamen Rider Gaim a chance and I LOVED IT! The concept of using fruits to transform sounds so silly but the show was executed pretty well, and the characters so memorable. Among all the characters though, 1 stood above all the rest, the ever flamboyant ex military pattissier, Oren Pierre Alfonzo aka Kamen Rider Bravo!

Oren transforms with the durian lockseed so his design is based on the spartan and durian. With spikes EVERYWHERE(i do love a toy that can draw blood when you fiddle with them) and a cool mohawk, he's looks so unique. Add to that the colour scheme of metallic dark green, light green, purple and silver, he stands out on the shelf.

Instead of compound eyes like all the typical Kamen Rider, Bravo here has lines.

He doesn't come with much, but it's pretty much all you need anyway. Extra hands, tiny tiny durian lockseed (i'll probably loose it if i'm not careful), his twin swords, Duri Noko and a wine glass... which is pretty cool touch by Bandai. He had them in 2 episodes if i remember correctly. I would love it if he came with cakes though, that'll be perfect.

Check out the tiny lockseed's details! Even the tiny belt has articulation but it's so tiny, you have to practice some restraint changing them.


By the way, i love love love the new SHF hips. Those pull down hips were pretty articulated but they were so fragile. These on the other hands, achieve both fantastic articulation and are pretty solid. The articulation overall is pretty great but that's as expected of a SHF.

 He's really great! I'm loving him so much that i'll probably get another Gaim Kamen Rider to display with him. Too bad he's an exclusive so be prepare to pay abit more for him. But other than the price, i really can't recommend him enough. Now i'm gotta decide who should i get next... shall it be Gridon? Zangetsu? Or maybe i should get Gaim???

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. haha, was about to drop money on gridon but i saw abyss had 30% off and i culdn't help myself
    now waiting for it to ship with my oct orders