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Friday, 24 October 2014

Transformers Generations Legends Class Nemesis Prime and Spinster

All Optimus toy mold no matter how good or bad.... sooner or later there will be a black repaint of it. This is the unwritten rule and and new generations legends is no exception. Normally, i welcome a most Nemesis Prime repaint, because the mixture of teal and black is really really awesome. Unfortunately this time, Cliffjumper is much more interesting than his wavemate here.

Nemesis Prime has a pretty good alt mode. The truck is well done, all the pieces tab well and it looks pretty solid. The black is abit weird here though, sometimes it's black in some pics, sometimes its really dark brown.

Spinster is the purple repaint of Blazemaster that came with Bumblebee that came in the first wave.

Nemesis Prime here looks good, with the exception of the head. For some reason, the head is really tiny and have sunken eyes.

Pretty impressive of Hasbro to include the Matrix behind the chest windows though. Nice touch.

Articulations are standard fare with mostly balljoints.

Not much to write about this guy, there's not much personality behind the repaint unlike Cliffjumper. A totally skippable entry.
Anyway thanks for viewing

NOTE: I broke my clavicle in a cycling accident, it took alot of effort for me to take these pics and type. So i might not be able to update as much as before and type as much as i want before the pain sets in.

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