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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kotobukiya Medabots Sanjuro Model Kit

I used to watch Medabots when i was a nerdling long ago. It began as a game that tried to emulate Pokemon's concept of training pets for battle but with a robot twist. Basically, Medabots are tiny kid sized robots that are powered by medals, the basic frame, called a tinpet is outfitted with various parts that's swappable, that's where the collect them all gameplay comes in. Somehow, the game got popular enough to have a anime made and that's how it gain a small following. I don't remember much from the show, but i do remember the robot designs were cool and each episode has plenty of action. Anyway, Kotobukiya has released their own line of Medabots plastic model kits and here's the latest incarnation of the enigmatic Rokusho, Sanjuro!

Like Rokusho, Sanjuro here is based of a stag beetle but with a ninja motif mixed in. I don't know why, but this look just works for me. With the exception of the blade and yellow specks on the chest, my kit is unpainted and it looks pretty good.

 Sanjuro comes with quite alot of stuff, alternate hands, his accordion thing got sheathing his sword, an alternate left shield arm, 3 more faceplates and a big kuwagata medal.

Ariculation is plentiful, but because of the balljoints there's not much range to them, especially around the elbows. Still, he could achieve all the action poses you want, except the more extreme ones of course.

The back even opens up!

To reveal his tiny medal!

Even the stag horns are articulated, this enables him to express all kinds of emotions.

The damaged faceplate isn't as obvious though still a cool accessory.

Accordion sheathe is a bit wonky looking but pretty unique.

As cool as he looks, the retail price is abit high. And the balljoints they used is abit soft, reminiscent of LBX models. And plastic isn't as good, stress marks appear easily if the joints are pushed in tightly. While i think he's pretty cool but i think this line is better reserved for fans of the franchise.

Anyway thanks for viewing!

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