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Friday, 7 November 2014

figma Terraformar

So i'm finally off my funk from breaking my clavicle, but i'm still in a sling though (takes 3 months to recover). Coincedentally Max Factory released their latest emtry, the giant roaches Terraformar from the recent scifi manga, Terra Formars!

Before i start, a little intro to Terra Formars. It's a series wriiten by Yu Sasuga and drawn by Kenichi Tachibana about a botched plan to colonize Mars using moss and roaches. Unfortunately, the roaches evolved and massacred all everyone attempting to colonize Mars. So humans devised a way to fight back, by fusing with DNA of various animals. The manga features alot of "scientific" facts bout animals and deaths, basically Animal Planet with 90% more decapitation... lots and lots of decapitation.

Anyway, the Terraformar is fantastically sculpted, with the gloss finish bringing out the muscle definition immensely.  The Terraformar is based off one of the early human, the Homo Erectus with some insect features, the carapace torso, antennae and cerci. Like all figma releases, he has tons of alt hands, though not much on the accessory count, just a giant club, a doohickey to adjust the eyes and a figma stand (not pictured).


Articulations are great, as expected of figmas but because of how massive he is, the joints can't support the weight. Mine took a tumble after his ankles gave out, so you might wanna use the stand. Also movable eyeballs really gives him life.

Like what previously mentioned, he's HUGE. Towering over SHFs any typical figmas, standing head to head with Marvel Legends.

He's pretty cool, just need tighter joints to really shine. I really feel like army building him now, but costing 40 USD  retail, i'm kinda hesitant.

Anyway thanks for viewing!

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