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Friday, 28 November 2014

66 action No More

It's no surprise to anyone that Japan's commercials are weird. Not just their commercials, it seems that their public service announcements are also pretty high up on the weirdness scale. Here's their PSA on anti-piracy:

Somehow this PSA, known as No More Eiga Dorobu became really popular over at Japan. So the next logical step would be to release merchandise for a PSA... right?

 First up is Camera Man, a  video cam in a suit. He looks pretty cool, the suit is sculpted with alot of details, wrinkles, folds and buttons while the head looks exactly like a camera.

Articulations is exactly like the previous 66 action offerings with the addition of  shoulder swivel.

 Accessories are basic, with extra hands, storage, a stand and a part for the open camera view.

His counterpart, Patrol Lamp Man is equally as cool. Instead of a suit, he's decked in a Japanese police uniform and of course, his head is a patrol lamp.

Camera Man might work as kamen rider goons, if you can army build them.

Like all 66 action stuff, i really like them. They're cheap, pretty articulated and are really good desk toys.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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