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Thursday, 19 February 2015

66 Action Ultraman Box 1

SUWATCHHHHHHHHHH! I'm no big Ultraman fan, but i'm not one to resist another 66 action offering. This time though, Bandai decided to venture into the Ultraman franchise with their 66 action series, so here they are! SUWATCHHHHHHHHHH!

 What more can i say bout these guys? I love them and it seems Bandai is gradually improving the 66 action line as well. Bandai gave them better range at the shoulders and feet which is pretty noticable once you pose the Ultras with the older Kamen Riders side by side.

Ultraman is first up and right off the bat he looks good!  He's made from a light grey plastic with red paint apps, the eyes are clear yellow plastic and his color timer is painted blue. Unfortunately, the eyes have terrible QC, my Ultraman here has his right eye pushed out abit more than his left.

 Bandai went back to their newer stands again for this release. Why the Dragonball box got the old stands and the Ultraman box have the new ones, i have no idea. Ultraman here comes with 2 extra pair of hands.

Next up is Ultraman Ginga Strium. I have totally no idea who he is, i haven't watch any of the modern Ultraman series but Ginga here looks pretty cool.

But like my Ultraman, the QC for the eyes are pretty crap. Ginga has some paint slop inside his right eye and it's pretty obvious.

His blue paint apps are the same as Ultraman's blue colour timer and it's pretty nice. And like Utraman, he come with the stand though this time in red and 2 extra pair of hands.

SEBUNNNN, Ultra 7's next and he's probably the best looking Ultra. His eyes are clear orange instead of yellow and his head Beam Lamp is green.

Also, his Eye Slugger is pretty awesome! It's detachable and fits the hand pretty well.

Ultra 7 has all his stuff come in red, his 2 pairs of extra hands are unique.

And last but not least, Alien Baltan! He's probably the main reason i bought this box. For Bandai to include a kaiju, it's a sweet surprise!

Baltan is made from blue plastic paint with a subtle white highlights and silver. The eyes are the clear yellow plastic both Ultraman and Ginga have. His hands are made from grey plastic a tad darker than Ultraman.

His stand is blue and unlike the other figures, he only has an extra pair of claws, i mean what other gestures can you make with those claws?

I love this guys alot, they're pretty solid and cheap to boot. Definitely get them if you get the chance.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. Michael Baltan with the claws is awesome.

    But then again when is a figure with pincer claws not good?

    1. BRAVO good sir! Your comment made me chuckle for a good minute.