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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Sharkticon Megatron

Transformers Prime while not as engaging as Animated was, was still pretty good. I just felt the series was too episodic and the Decepticon threats are solved too quickly. Anyway, Hasbro gave us screen accurate toys during season 1 and they were servicable, some gems and some misses. But it wasn't until Beast Hunters when the designers went crazy, with new beast characters that never appeared in the show to crazy armored pre-existing characters, the toyline took a goofy turn... AND I LOVE IT. Here's one of the more eye catching ones, Sharkticon Megatron!

Turning into some sort of sci fi jet in the original voyager, this version turns into the same jet except it was transmogrified by the Elder Gods. Decked out in dark brown, light blue, pinkish purple and a dash of green, the colour scheme is reminiscent of the Sharkticons of G1 yore. Shark Megs here is basically a heavy retool of the Prime voyager Megatron, but the difference is staggering.

The original Megatron voyager this guy was based on has his head peaking out of the alt mode which while screen accurate, was pretty goofy. But shark Megs here features a cover to hide the peeking head which is a nice touch. The weird fish head works here making Megatron look very alien. Also check out the Decepticon sigil, i've never seen it anywhere else.

Bot mode is just as crazy. The fish head in the alt mode becomes Megatron's chest and it looks intimidating as hell. And the blue pops out even more in this mode.

Megatron's head also went through a retool. He has more details and panels sculpted on and the green painted eyes looks really evil. Good stuff!

Unfortunately, like the voyager Megatron it's based on, shark Megs still have the back kibble wings.

In addition to a heavy retool, shark Megs features a new weapon, the Tatarex Warp Sword/ Sharktooth Spear. It's a ridiculous fish gun blaster thing that's both ridiculous and cool at the same time. Too bad it can't be plugged onto shark Megs arms without looking awkward.

The fish gun also transforms into a fish glaive! And unlike most of the spring loaded accessories, the Tatarex is actually able to stay flipped out.

Articulation wise, he's just the same as the voyager Megatron he's based on, which is pretty standard. Only problem is the pretty crappy balljointed shoulder, a shoulder swivel would fix this but alas...

He might be one of my fave Megatrons ever, it just proves sometime it's ok to go little nuts. A cool toy that will stay in my collection.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. What a gorgeous figure. I wish they'd done something like this to the Deluxe Prime Megatron.

    Tatarex, I see what you did there Hasbro.

    Though I do have a spare Commander class Megs, maybe I should slowly convert him into a mini Sharkticon Megatron?

    1. that will be cool, but the amount of details to sculpt is kinda heavy