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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Legends Class Powerglide

So Combiner Wars gave us 4 new legends class, 2 unique and 2 repaints. Since Windcharger is just a retool of Tailgate, Thundercracker is a repaint of Acid Storm  and i've covered Bombshell already, it's Powerglide next!

His altmode is a A-10 Warthog-ish looking plane. It's kinda medicore and the tail doesn't clip together well. Also, the beige plastic body looks weird on the plane. The little sculpted details is pretty neat though.

Bot mode on the other hand, is pretty sweet! Powerglide looks pretty unique with his trademarked shoulder wings, conehead and big popeye arms. The red makes him pop and the beige makes sense here instead of his altmode.

Though the back panel for the plane turns into a buttflap that looks really bad for an otherwise good altmode. It would be great if it could flip up all the way. Check out the missile pod arms by the way, real cool.

He's pretty posable thanks to mostly ball jointed parts and he does have a head swivel thanks to his transformation, but the lack of arm swivels hurts it abit.

I mentioned Bombshell has a third weapon mode, so naturally Powerglide has one as well. But... it's pretty crappy, probably the weakest of Powerglide's modes. It doesn't hold together well and the peg for the handle is too small, Brainstorm here actually had a hard time holding it.

So, great robot mode, meh altmode and crappy weapon mode. Still, his bot mode is pretty cool so i can forgive him for that.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

1 comment:

  1. Gun mode is dumb, but at least the bot mode and plane mode work very well.

    On the plus side the way the engines slide down for the gun mode will make for an alternative transformation for his VIPER repaint coming down the line (the art made the head look new too).