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Monday, 9 March 2015

Transformers Reveal the Shield Voyager Lugnut

Lugnut, like Lockdown, was originally from Transformers Animated. A totally new character that was dumb as rocks while being totally devoted to Megatron, he was somehow popular enough to have a voyager made in the Reveal the Shield line. By the way, Reveal the Shield was a subline back in 2010 that was both continuation of Hunt for the Decepticon line and Classics line which is now the Generations line. The gimmick of this line is the rubsigns the toys would have. Anyway back to Lugnut, HE'S AWESOME!

Lugnut transforms into a jet bomber resembling those World War II bombers. It's a rugged, tough looking thing with sharktooth deco and warning lines. He also has LU-6 and NU-7 printed on both wings and tail, as a reference to his name. It's a solid and hefty plane with lots of little details like panels and rivets all over, but the soft rubber nose makes it hard to align properly. Besides that little problem it's a great alt mode.

The back of the plane opens up to reveal another gimmick, a deployable missile launcher. It's... not implemented well and looks kinda awkward. *By the way, this is the point i forgot to flip down the cap, so some of the pics still have it up*

Bot mode is so much fun! He's pretty big with an unmistakeable silhouette. The headsculpt is pretty unique among transformers that i've seen, with a big cyclopean eye in the middle, 2 tiny eyes on each side and big jutting chin.

I kinda wish the shoulders would clip more securely on the chest, it keeps popping off.

Articulation is pretty superb! Especially the fingers, it adds so much personality to Lugnut.

Lugnut is able a single arm pushup!

There's another gimmick where his fists extend to emulate his P.O.K.E (Punch Of Kill Everything) attack. Though all it does is extend his fists alittle.


Love him love him love him. Get him if possible, though he might be a tad overpriced now on the market, he's worth it! He'll look great both in the classics shelf or the movie shelf.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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