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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man Anti Venom

Hasbro's new line up for the second series of Spider-man Legends ROCKS! Spidey 2099, Daredevil, Spider-girl Mayday and ANTI-VENOM!!! For those unfamiliar with Anti-Venom, he was a cancer ridden Eddie Brock that gave up the Venom symbiote because he was dying. But there were traces left and when Martin Li/Mr Negative cured Eddie of his cancer with his powers, the symbiote remnants fused with Eddie's white blood cells and became a new hybrid symbiote, ANTI-VENOM!

He's a healer as well as a warrior, able to cure any disease and remove impurities including Spidey's radioactive blood. He was an interesting character, charismatic and dimensional and gave Eddie Brock some needed change. His stories, though short lived, won the hearts of new and old fans alike. So what did Marvel decide to do with him? Gave him to Dan Slott who killed the symbiote in a nonsensical way to end his painfully mediocre Spider Island event... Anyway, the figure!

Anti-Venom is a repaint of the Toxin figure with a new headsculpt. So if you have that, you'll know what to expect with Anti-Venom. Though he does have some minor improvements and differences. The plastic feels alittle more solid here and the paint apps are very cleanly applied.

His only accessory, besides the Hobgoblin BAF piece, is this back attachment. I prefer to have mine upside down because it looks more natural to me. It's not much of an accessory and you could probably do without it since it obscures the spider symbol.

The head is lovely. Anti-Venom has skull like visage and loads of folds sculpted. The mouth is especially nice, with a monstrous grin and bright orange to emphasize it.

Compared to Toxin, he stands out abit more. Oh, and he has different feet as well, with the sole looking more natural instead of the boots that Toxin has.

He's a nice addition to any symbiote collection. I'm really happy with him and can't wait to get the rest of his wavemates, especially Spidey 2099!

Anyway thanks for viewing!

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