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Friday, 24 April 2015

66 Action Kamen Riders Box 5

The next box of 66 Action Kamen Riders are here! And this time with probably my fave entries from the series so far!

First up is Ryuki! Now 66 Action was never known to give loads of accessories for their figures, but they broke the mold with Ryuki. He comes with his Dragreder! Unlike the other riders though, because of Ryuki's visor, they painted his eyes on instead of compound eyes like the rest of the riders.

Of course, he also comes with an extra hand for gripping things.

But best part about Ryuki is that Dragreder is able to separate and form Ryuki's armor and Final Vent! Though because of how tiny he is, Dragreder is kinda soft and flimsy, so be careful of losing parts!

Tajador comes next! While my fave form from OOO is Putotyra, Tajador is pretty cool too. His details are superb and his chest emblem is painted beautifully.

He comes with an extra fist and nothing else which is a bummer, i would love to have parts included for his Scanning Charge.

Next up is one of the riders from the latest series, Machine Chaser! Probably one of the most detailed entry in the 66 Action series, Machine Chaser has tonnes of sculpted details. Too bad there's not enough paint to bring out all the glorious details. By the way, Bandai decided to do some minor improvements on the line and implemented movable shoulder pads.

Machine Chaser comes with an extra pair of hands and his Break Gunner.

Last entry is probably my fave, Kamen Rider Black!  He's Kamen Rider Black, what more need to be said??

Like Machine Chaser, he comes with an extra pair of hands.

Bandai are releasing these guys slowly but making minor improvements along the way. At this rate they're going, this line no doubt be a major success. I can't wait to see what they're releasing next!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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