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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Dead End

Crap, I've fallen for Hasbro's evil plan. First it was just Offroad, now it's Dead End and I'm already contemplating buying the rest of the team because i've already 2 limbs... Anyway, Dead End may be the best looking deluxe in Combiner Wars. Dead End is an old time member of the Stunticons, a gloomy sort of guy with nihilistic look on life. So back to the toy!

Dead End turns into a supercar that resembles a Ferrari. It's a good looking altmode with a maroon-ish colour scheme with silver and orange paints. 1 thing i don't like though, is the Decepticon sigil is painted to the side and not the middle. It's weird and doesn't look good.

He looks better as an arm than a leg but he looks ok as both.

But he shines in the robot mode! The colour looks good on him, and his silhouette looks pretty good as his car kibbles tuck up neatly behind him as a backpack. My only complaint about this mode is the legs won't peg as securely as i would like.

The head looks really really good, a pretty distinct looking one. I also like the chest plate as it gives him a bulkier form.

While Offroad came with an axe, Dead End comes with a pipe/baton that's literally exhaust pipe. It can be stored on the shoulders.

It can also be wielded like a baton but the peg isn't long enough so he can't hold it as securely. Articulation is pretty on par with Offroad which is pretty good.

He's pretty good! Even if you're not too keen on combiners, he makes a good addition to a classics Stunticon team.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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