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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Marvel Legends SDCC 2014 Exclusive Thanos Imperative Star-lord

I previously mentioned in my movie Star-lord review that i loved the Guardians of the Galaxy comic and Star-lord was among my favorite characters. But i was crushed, CRUSHED when Hasbro announced they're releasing comic Star-lord ML but only in the 2014 SDCC boxset. Because as a someone living in Southeast Asia, there's no way i can obtain the boxset without dishing major dosh. But as luck would have it, i found a little comic shop that sold rare collectibles cheap and lo and behold, what should i see there but the Thanos Imperative Boxset!

As you might have guess, i bought the boxset just to have this guy and i regret NOTHING! Because just look at him! I can find no flaws with the sculpt. Using the same body mold as the AIM trooper ML from the Captain America line, it's fantastically accurate to the comic rendition. The new pieces are the waist flap and the beautiful helmet. Paint wise, it's almost perfect on mine EXCEPT, they didn't aligned the paint for the mouth correctly and printed it above the indents. I had to scrub the paint off and repaint it proper. By the way, notice how shiny the helmet is? Nice touch Hasbro.

Unlike recent MLs i'm used to, comic Star-lord has some many intricate folds sculpted on which is pretty awesome. Also all the buttons are sculpted too.

He comes with his elemental guns which are also intricately detailed but unfortunately has zero paintapps.

 Articulation is what you expect of a modern ML which is everything you need.

Unlike move Star-lord, comic Star-lord is made from the harder sturdy plastic the Star Wars Black series are made out of. So that's a plus!

I'm really glad i bought this guy, he's one of the best MLs i have and i'm just happy that i can finally pose Nova with him. Now to sell off the rest of the boxset and obtain comic Rocket Raccoon, Drax and Thanos...

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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