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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Takara Transformers Legends Black Convoy

I never own the old generations Laser Prime back when it was released. I don't really like the head sculpt nor the colour. But slap a black colour scheme with teal and suddenly it's a must own for me. And for just 25 bucks? SIGN ME UP!

Black Convoy/ Nemesis Prime's  vehicle mode is sleek looking truck. The teal paint makes it look like something from Tron, pretty cool.

But dear god, the bot mode... Just look at him! Broad shoulders, wide chest, narrow waist, it's a wonder how such a heroic silhouette could look so sinister.

The black plastic is highlighted with blue teal and neon orange transparent plastic. There are some amount of silver paint applied as well. This fantastic colour scheme is the main reason i bought this guy in the first place.

He comes with a sword made from the same neon orange plastic. It\s collapsible and can be stored on the vehicle mode and the back.

Articulation wise, he's not as posable as i would like. It's just decent, the knees and elbows don't bend more than 45°. Though he does have wrist ball and swivel joints and ankle tilts.

Nemesis Prime is beautiful, it's a cool looking repaint. If you liked the Reveal the Shield Laser Prime mold, then buying this guy is a no brainer.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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