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Monday, 6 July 2015

Marvel Legends Target Exclusive 3 pack Ultron

Ultron didn't have much love in the Marvel Legends department. There was the weird anime-ish robot with a flying thingy made by Toybiz and the Iron Man Marvel Legends one repainted from Titanium Man with a new head. Both were kinda lackluster, with the Toybiz one leaning towards crappy.

So when Avengers 2 hit the cinemas, i knew it would just be a matter of time for Hasbro to start pushing for more Ultron figures. While they're releasing movie Ultron Prime as the BAF for the Antman Legends, i still wanted a decent comic Ultron legends. So surprise surprise, Hasbro released a comic Ultron that's a store exclusive that's only available in the US... GODDAMMIT!

This Ultron looks great! Using the Beetle body mold from the Spider Man Legends, it's pretty good looking here. The dark swirly grey plastic used here looks miles better than Beetle's cheap plastic. Also it's pretty solid, none of that gummy plastic. The head, forearms and hands are new sculpt.

The headsculpt is pretty fantastic here, it's very close to the classic look while looking sleek and intimidating.

Paint apps are very minimal, it's basically 2 shades of red and black. The paint on head is neatly applied but the ones on the body is very sloppy. It ruins an otherwise great looking figure.

Articulations are pretty standard of modern MLs, with the exception of the hips. I don't own the Beetle ML so i wouldn't know but the Ultron's hip doesn't spread as wide as i'd hope.

Now i kinda want to buy the new Vision just to display with this guy.

Even if you don't collect MLs, he looks great next to Kamen Riders as a villain monster too.

If it weren't for the exclusivity of the 3 pack, i would have bought a few more and repaint them as drones. I love this figure, it looks pretty bad ass, but the sloppy paint is a blemish on an otherwise good figure.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

EDIT: So i took a metallic gundam marker and painted over the orbs, i think it looks better.


  1. Very much looking forward to this guy...but not much else, in terms of who he's packed with. Still, I'll totally buy the pack just for this one. He poses well, even with the hip restriction!

    1. yea, projection vision looks worse than the standard one and i'm not sure how i feel about bald hulk...