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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Marvel Legends Infinte Antman

Marvel is finally ending their phase 2 movies with Antman. And you know what that means, MORE MARVEL LEGENDS!!! So here's the MCU version of the shrinking hero, Antman!

Right off the bat, you'll notice the suit is very toku-esque. It feels like what Kamen Rider would look like if designed by western studios, very cool.
But hold on... something feels off... of course, the open mask!
I have no idea why Hasbro would design the ML to have an open mask while the movie design clearly didn't. Maybe it's a throwback to the comic design, but i prefer the MCU legends to look like the MCU versions... Hold on, let me get my x-acto knife...

There we go! It's not wholly accurate but it is close enough, for me anyway... It's not that the default face is bad, i just prefer it this way. Anyway, back to the toy.
Like i mention, it's very toku-esque, and i'm a casual fan of Kamen Rider so this design pushes all the right buttons for me. Molded on black plastic, it's painted with silver, red and the occasional orange. The silver is painted with a dark wash giving it a worn look. 

The sculpt is fantastic, lots of details has been sculpted. Though like the previous open mask, Hasbro has neglected to include the backpack thing that's seen in the movie. This kinda irks me alittle. Also, even though he has all these sculpted details, some paint work are missing. I did some of the minor details with gundam markers.

Articulation wise, he's the standard modern ML. But due to some of the sculpted details, he feels somewhat limited.  His soles are sculpted with a bit of curve so he's a tiny bit tougher to balance as well.

But damn does he look good!

He has plenty to offer in the accessory department! First off, he comes with a flying ant. Maybe it's Antony or maybe it's a just a generic ant.

Next up is a teeny tiny Antman. He fits on ML hands and is pretty detailed for his size. But the best thing bout this Antman is...

... that he fits on the flying ant! So you can have tiny Antman riding his trusty ant steed to battle!

Besides Antman, there's also a tiny Yellowjacket! There's probably no chance of Hasbro making a full sized ML of movie Yellowjacket, so this will have to do... Too bad too cause the suit was pretty awesome.

Lastly he comes with the BAF Ultron head. I don't think i'll ever finish this BAF because i don't really want other ML.

I may have seem a bit negative but i actually quite like this ML. If only Hasbro would put a tiny bit more effort, i would have been singing praises bout this toy. All in all if you like the design, go ahead and buy it, if not, you can skip him. Fortunately though, he's not made from the stupidly soft plastic the GOTG line were made off.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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