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Monday, 3 August 2015

66 Action Kamen Riders Box 6

Another month, another 66 action box! Since it's already box 6, you've probably know what 66 action is all about by now ( 66 action is a candy box series from Bandai that features cheap but very articulated toys ranging from mostly Kamen Riders to Dragon Ball ). So let's just jump right to it!

Kamen Rider Kuuga! Undoubtly one of the most influential Heisei Kamen Riders, Kuuga 66 Action is cute as button. I've painted mine up abit, but Mighty Kuuga is pretty accurate to the source material already.
By the way, it feels like Bandai upped the QC on these little guys since i don't have any pf the feet popping off like the previous entries.

And lucky me! I've got the secret figure from this box as well, it's Rising Mighty Kuuga! He's basically just Mighty Kuuga with extra paint and a retool on his right shin.

Kuuga doesn't need any fancy weaponry to kick ass so he only has an extra pair of hands and of course the stand that came with previous entries as well.

Next up, from Kamen Rider Drive we have Kamen Rider Mach. He's probably the most detailed of this box with lot's of panels and little details sculpted. Unfortunately, he lacks the paintjob to make these details pop.

Without additional paint, he looks very bland (i i was too lazy to paint him up... )

His little helmet opens up like the show which is a nice touch.

Mach comes with his gun and an extra pair of hands.

 Another bike Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Accel is next. He's probably my least fave of this box. Not because of the character or the sculpted details, but because of the gimmick. You see, Accel can transform from Kamen Rider to...

...a bike! And because of this, the parts that detach are very flimsy and pops off very easily. He's very annoying to pose because of this... But he still looks pretty good and that headsculpt is rocking.

Accel comes with his Engine Blade, an extra pair of hands ( though i've seem to have lost one of mine...) and all the pieces to transform him.

Lastly is the villain of this box, Shadow Moon! He's one of the best looking 66 Action so far. Unlike Kiwami Arms Gaim, he's painted with silver instead of just being casted in grey plastic.

Now Black can finally be reunited with his arch nemesis! Lets just hope Bandai makes tiny RX soon.

Shadow Moon has both his Satan Sabers and a pair of hands. By the way, Shadow Moon's elbow spike are actually a separate piece that will pop off if you're not careful. Much like Accel, this can quickly become very annoying when you pose him. But unlike Accel, he doesn't need to transform so you can just careful apply a small dab of super glue and plug it in. Be careful not to apply to much or it'll over flow to the elbow joint.

Like my previous entries, 66 action is pretty great. It's a fun, affordable way of collecting Kamen Riders while still being articulated. I can't help but to buy more!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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