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Monday, 30 November 2015

HG 1/144 Graze Kai

When i first started watching Iron Blooded Orphans (IBO), i thought to myself that the Graze suits were pretty cool but i don't like how the head looked. It looked kinda odd to me, like someone squished the head sideways. But around episode 4 when they revealed Tekkadan had salvaged one of the Graze suits and customed it, i loved how the new head looked.
So when Bandai announced they'll be releasing Graze Kai's kit, i gotta have it!

Graze Kai is basically the Graze suit albeit with new head, shoulder pauldrons and a back thruster. But i just love the angular head instead of the standard Graze's odd head.

Like all Graze kits, the head can be opened up to reveal the inner workings. A nice touch.

Graze Kai has a big back thruster instead of the skirt thrusters the standard Graze has. It has some swivels for more dynamic poses. Like Barbatos, Graze Kai has an inner frame

Now on to the best part, the articulations on this kit is amazing! The legs in particular is pretty impressive, you couldn't tell by looking but the ankles have great range to them. Elbows and knees are double jointed with pretty impressive range as well. The only lacking thing is the forward movement on the hips, they're limited by the bulky thigh armor and the skirt pieces.

Accessories wise, Graze Kai has the standard Graze weapons, a rifle and an axe. The axe is nothing fancy but the rifle is pretty good.

It can be held and and secured onto Graze kits via the bottom piece which pegs onto the slot on the wrist of the kits. There's also another handle which you can freely rotate to enable the kits to 2 hand the rifle. Other than that, it just looks plain awesome.

This is probably my fave suit design of the series so far, so i'm probably a little bias but Graze Kai is a great kit. It's a solid build with fantastic articulations and i just love the design. This kit actually has me contemplating if i should buy all of the Graze kits especially since IBO kits are sold for so cheap.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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